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Waterloo Illness/Attendance Monitoring

As a precaution, we are monitoring the symptoms of our students and staff daily.  Thanks to great effort, from our families and staff, home health screenings are keeping most sick individuals at home.  However, there are instances when individuals may become ill while here at school.

The following spreadsheet represents students who were sent home ill during the school day for the month.

Mission Statement of the Waterloo Local Schools

Waterloo Local School District, in cooperation with our families and community, cultivates academic excellence through high quality instruction and experience-based learning connecting students’ lives to their futures. 

Waterloo Belief Statements:

1. We believe that cooperating with our families and community is essential in providing our students with a high quality education.

2. We believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment that enhances the physical, social, and emotional development of each child.

3. We believe in offering innovative instruction.