Viking Digital Academy

The Viking Digital Academy has been created as an extension of the public education options offered by the Waterloo Local School District. The courses offered through the Viking Digital Academy are aligned with the State of Ohio Academic Content Standards and Waterloo Local School District course offerings.  Students enrolled in the Viking Digital Academy are considered Waterloo Local School District students, and as such, all district policies and rules, as found in building student handbooks, apply.

Students who are enrolled in the Viking Digital Academy are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities if they meet requirements established by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

A letter of recommendation from a medical, or mental health professional is required in order to be enrolled in the Viking Digital Academy. The letter must state that, in their professional opinion, the online school is the best learning environment for that student. If no such documentation is available, a student may still pay out of pocket for their courses. Students who are enrolled full-time (with documentation) are only responsible for class supply fees, if such exist.  Students enrolled part-time, or full-time without documentation may be responsible for the costs associated with their program.  These costs may include: $160 registration fee, $220/full-year class, $110/semester class and class supply fees.

The Waterloo Local School District has formed a partnership with ACE Digital Academy for course offerings.  Currently, 147 courses are offered through the Viking Digital Academy in grades kindergarten through twelve.
Students who are part of the Viking Digital Academy need access to a computer and internet services.  If a student does not have access to a computer the Waterloo Local School District will provide one.  If a computer is provided it must be returned at the end of the academic school year or upon withdrawal from the Viking Digital Academy

Students who complete the graduation requirements of the Waterloo Local School District through the Viking Digital Academy will receive a Waterloo High School Diploma and be permitted to participate in graduation activities including commencement.

Students enrolled in the Viking Digital Academy are expected to complete, at minimum, one (1) unit per week per course.  Grades will be reported to parent/guardian(s) through quarter interim reports and quarter report cards.  Once a quarter has finished, a student will not be permitted to go back and complete missing work for credit.

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Contact Information:

Mrs. Laura DePerro, High School Guidance Counselor
Grades 9-12

Mrs. Peggy Shaver, Elementary/Middle School Guidance Counselor 
Grades K-8

Mr. Shawn Braman, Superintendent 
Summer months; general questions