Elementary School

Waterloo Elementary School

September 5, 2020
Reminders for parents/grandparents/students:
-Students should bring a water bottle to school (disposable is best, but refillable is fine). Drinking fountains will be turned off for safety.
-All car riders need to be dropped off in the rear of the building at door 10. (No students should be dropped off at door 9).
-Students may enter the building starting at 7:45am. Teachers and support Staff will be on hand at entrances and in the hallways to help students find their way to their classroom. Class starts at 8:00am. We will of course be lenient regarding tardiness! We want all students to feel safe and confident as they get to their homeroom!
-If you MUST come to the office to complete paperwork, please park in the back parking lot and wear a mask.
-You may experience longer than expected wait times due to high volume of parents needing assistance in the office. Thank you for your patience. We are working very hard to ensure that everyone is taken care of.
-Chromebooks for remote learners who did not already pick them up will be available by Tuesday afternoon. Please do not come for chromebooks first thing on Tuesday!
-Remote learners should join their Google Classroom and login on Tuesday for their assignments. Teachers will stay in touch with Remote learners via their email and Google classroom.
-Please read through the Information for Parents and 'Virtual' Open House Presentation document that was posted to FB and the ES website this past week.
-Temperature check stations will be at the main doors (2, 9, 10). All people entering the building are subject to a temperature check.
-Parents/grandparents may need to wait outside when picking up a student for an appointment. Please arrive early to allow plenty of time for us to deliver your child to you outside the doors so that you can get them to their appointment on time.
-Please remember that the principal, office staff, teachers, and support staff of Waterloo elementary care very much about the students and their safety! We have children and grandchildren of our own and understand the apprehension that many people have at this time. We will do everything possible to help you and your child feel confident and safe.
-Questions are best handled via phone or email. 330-947-2153.
Have a great weekend!

This document will be kept up to date with information specific to elementary students for the opening of school. Please read through this carefully: Information for Parents and 'Virtual' Open House Presentation

Clarification on the all-call that went out last evening: ALL students in grades 6-12 should come to the school for their Chromebook during their chromebook distribution times (HS. The ONLY elementary students who need to come pick up their chromebook at this time are the remote learners. Elementary students who are returning as in-person learners next week DO NOT need to pick up their chromebook this week. In-person learners will keep their chromebooks in the classroom for now. We will have a process to distribute those students' chromebooks IF we ever need to initiate the 'remote option' for all learners to be remote.

Tuesday September 1
5pm - Seniors and Juniors
6pm - Freshman and Sophomores
Wednesday September 2
5pm - 7th and 8th grade
6pm - 6th grade
Thursday September 3
5pm - grades 3-5 Remote Learners
6pm - grades K-2 Remote Learners

We will have an end-of-year parade so that students and their teachers can see each other one last time before summer break! Please join us on Thursday June 4th at 6:00 pm - rain or shine! We will have teachers and staff stand by the car rider line sidewalk in the back of the building by the playground. Starting at 6 pm, please drive your child back around the playground, through the car rider line so that they can wave goodbye to their teachers. We will stand in order by grade level with kindergarten teachers standing by door 11 and extending toward the front door (door 9) with fifth grade teachers at the end.
We want to show our appreciation for the work that the students and parents have done while at home through this crazy school closure and we want to celebrate the accomplishments of all students throughout this school year!
End of year parade: June 4th at 6 pm

Congratulations to the class of 2032 who graduate from kindergarten on May 29, 2020!

kindergarten graduation - May 29, 2020

Update 05/20/2020 - 
Picking Up Students' 'Stuff' - 
Monday, June 1, 2020 
(If your child's teacher already returned their student belongings, then you do not need to come to the school at this point.)
Over the next week, teachers will be getting into their classrooms to start packing up your child’s personal belongings. We will then be prepared to pass out these items to you via the car rider line in the back of the school or in the building front lane at door #9-the front door. You should stay in your car, pull up to the curb and tell your child’s full name to a teacher/staff member who will get your child’s bag and hand it to you. We will then get your child’s items and hand them to you. The schedule is as follows for Monday, June 1, 2020:

Kindergarten and first -grade will be from 12:00-1:00. 
Kindergarten pick-up will be at the car rider lane by the playground.
First grade pick-up will be at the front of the building by main door #9. 

Second and third-grade pick-up will be from 1:00- 2:00. 
Second grade pick-up will be at the car rider lane by the playground.
Third grade pick-up will be at the front of the building by main door #9. 

Fourth and fifth-grade pick-up will be from 2:00-2:55. 
Fourth grade pick-up will be at the car rider lane by the playground.
Fifth grade pick-up will be at the front of the building by main door #9. 

-If you have more than one student at school, please come to the pick-up time for the OLDEST student in your family. This will allow you to only come to school once. (We will not be able to have the older child’s materials with the younger student’s materials.)

-During this personal item pick-up time, we ask that you also drop off any books that might belong to the school. Some students have teacher or school library books or other items at home. Please bring those with you when you come to pick up your child’s materials. (We will also have a table/bin outside door 9 (main doors) for these items to be returned in early June.)

-Mrs. Shawgo returned the students’ artwork to their classroom teachers.  She is planning on saving some artwork to decorate the school when we return next year.   Your child’s artwork being returned will be included in his/her bag.

-Any student belongings not picked up on this day will be available in the school office the week of June 7th.

-We appreciate your understanding in advance! Thanks, -Mr. Walker

Congratulations to our Kindergarten Graduates!
-We will post a virtual Kindergarten Graduation video on May 29th. The teachers have been working hard on this and I'm excited about the final product!

Google Meet

-We are transitioning to Google Meet for our live video conference meetings from now on. Google Meet helps us better integrate live meetings with Google Classroom. Our students in the upper grades have been using this and we have been working on creating google accounts for students in grades K-2 for them to have easier access to Google Meet. Please look for specific information about this from your child’s teacher.

Completing Schoolwork and the 'Last Day' of School
-The last day for completing and turning in schoolwork will be May 29th
. Students should have all work submitted/turned in by this date.  This will give our teachers time during the following week to review student work and provide valuable feedback. Although we are not using letter grades for this last quarter of the school year, it is important for students to complete their work and for teachers to give feedback on what they have accomplished. This is the basic foundation of teaching and learning: getting constructive feedback from teachers to know how you performed and tips on how to improve for the next time.

Finish Strong!

Parents - thank you for your dedication and patience throughout these last eight weeks!  Please help your children 'finish strong' these last seven days of school!  

Students - The teachers have been working very hard and it means a lot to them to see their students do their best on the school work.  Trust me, I know that it has been tough.  I've lost much sleep during the past two months!  Together we've tackled this 'mountain' to the best of our ability.  We are in the home stretch - the finish line is literally in sight!  Keep running through that line so we can be proud of our work together!  Now is not the time to think about summer break - now is the time to think about finishing with all of your assignments completed.  That is the goal - complete all assignments!  Please reach out to your teacher(s) if you need help.  They are there for you!

Update 04/06/2020
-reminder that all school events are canceled through April.
-Kindergarten registration that was scheduled for April is canceled. We hope to re-schedule for sometime in May or June. No decisions can be made until we learn if the stay-at-home order from the governor will extend into May. So we have to "hurry up and wait" at this point which is not fun!
-PTO events are canceled as well - please check the PTO FB page for updates. But again, those things cannot be updated until late-April.
-We are doing as much as possible online at this point!
-Teachers have put out a TON of information! (Thank you teachers!) I can't share everything here on the elementary FB page.
-Please check your email (and fifth grade students should check their email) for updates from teachers. Please check the teachers' school webpages at the school website (http://www.viking.portage.k12.oh.us/elementary-school-class…).
-Please check your Bloomz or ClassDojo. If you are not registeed for those or have lost your access, please contact your child's teacher.
-Some families do not have internet access or a computer/tablet. Thank you for being creative with sharing devices among children and other ways to access the schoolwork
-The school's wifi network is on and can be accessed from the parking lot (near the high school media center windows is a good location). This is not ideal, but it is an option if parents are able to drive to the school and sit in their car with students.
-If you simply do not have internet access and/or a computer, please email Mr. Walker or contact your child's teacher. We are working on technology solutions but we have limited resources.
-We look forward to four days of as much productive school work as possible this week before our spring break starts on Good Friday!
-Thank you for hanging in there! I know many families are struggling right now. Remember that food delivery is available- please call the board office at 330-947-2664 for further assistance.

Video updates:

03/16/2020 Updates
1. Breakfast/lunch distribution:
We are working with some local businesses and churches to provide food for students who need it during the school shutdown. stay tuned for more details coming soon...
2. Father-Daughter Dance is rescheduled to May 1st.
3. Fund Raiser Products - scheduled for delivery on Apr 7th but will be postponed if needed.
4. Please pick up academic packets in the school office today if your child is not at school today.
5. Student Medications - pick them up in the school office with the nurse if you need them at home over the shutdown period!
6. Voting on Tuesday, March 17th. Please support the schools by voting tomorrow!
7. News/Rumors/Etc. -Thank you for your patience during this time! The schools are usually hearing information at the same time as the general public. We will communicate with you as fast as we can, but sometimes there is a delay because we don't want to put out wrong information! Emergency or urgent information will be sent out via an all-call.

Waterloo Youth Baseball & Softball 2020 spring season player registrations 
are currently available online at www.waterlooyouthbaseball.com

Starting this season, all registrations will be online.  There will be two in-person events for sizing, to submit payment, and/or if you don’t have online access which will be:

  • (Saturday) February 1st, 2020 3-4PM at Atwater Town Hall (1199 OH-183 Atwater, Ohio 44201)
  • (Sunday) February 9th, 2020 1-4PM at Randolph Town Hall (1639 OH-44 Atwater, Ohio 44201)

Currently, registrations are available online for any Waterloo student (and/or Randolph & Atwater resident) 4-yrs-old to 14-yrs-old.

Updated Car Rider Information (the 'Rules')

Parents/Grandparents/Families who drop off students in the car rider line: PLEASE obey the 'rules' of the car rider line!

With the darkness of morning, or sometimes the glare of the early sun, or the added caution necessary in snow, drivers have a lot to think about...Please read and follow these rules:

-Drivers must drive slowly and cautiously through the drop off lane and while exiting the drop off lane.

-Please drive slowly and cautiously in all areas of the school parking lots and drive lanes.

-Drivers must check in all directions (several times) before pulling away from the curb. Please do not pull away as you are watching your student walk into the building - keep eyes and focus on the crosswalk and road in front of you.

-All drivers should use the car rider line so students are dropped off at the curb. Drivers should avoid cutting through the parking lot to send their students across the driving lane - just use the car rider line. I know it takes longer, but student safety is our top priority!

-Please have students exit the curb side (right side) of your vehicle.

-Please have students 'ready to go' when you pull up to the curb. A lot of time is lost when students are gathering their bookbag or putting on a coat while waiting at the curb.

-We do not have enough staff to 'police' the parking lot - I need every driver to 'follow the rules'.

-Please use EXTREME caution if you must pull around a car.

-Our staff is very friendly but we often avoid waving at drivers so as not to distract them. I hate to appear unfriendly, but we don't want to distract anyone.

-We do have many people who must cross the crosswalk: employees and preschool students/parents. Watch for them!

-If you have any questions please call or email Mr. Walker at the school. 

awalker@waterloovikings.org or 330-947-2153.  Thanks! -Aaron Walker

Important Info about Free/Reduced Lunch from the letter that was sent home with specific students last week:

A member of your family was on the free and reduced lunch program during the 2018-2019 school year. State guidelines allow for free and reduced lunch benefits to continue into the next school year to allow time for new applications to be completed and processed for the current school year.
According to our records, we have not received a new application for your child, and the last day for us to honor last year’s application is 10/9/2019. Since we did not received a new application for Free/Reduced meals for the 2019-2020 school year YOUR CHILD'S STATUS WILL BE CHANGED TO FULL PAY.
If you feel your child is eligible to participate in the free and reduced meal program for the 2019-2020 school year please complete and return a Free and Reduced price meal application as soon as possible. Only one application per household is needed. Applications are available in the school office, can print a copy from the Food Service page on the district web site or you can apply on line. Go to the Waterloo web site (www.viking.portage.k12.oh.us), click on Food Service tab and there you will be able to access the link to apply.
Cut off date for carry over status from last year is Oct. 9, 2019. If we do not have a current application on file and processed your child will change to FULL price meals on Oct. 9, 2019. BREAKFAST IS $1.50, LUNCH for K-5th is $2.50, LUNCH for 6th - 12th is $2.75

Spring Picture Day is ____
Picture Day ID: ____

Save time by ordering your students photos online!
Waterloo Elementary at Mylifetouch.com

2019-2020 Student/Parent Handbook

Upcoming Events:

-Class Lists Posted on front door: Aug 23 at 3 pm
-Open House: Aug 26 at 5 - 6:30 pm (Kindergarten orientation 5pm in the ES Cafeteria)
-First day of school: Aug 27
-First day for Kindergarten students - check the welcome letter that you received in the mail. 

Facebook is a quick and easy way for the school to share information and photos with parents and the community. Please like the Elementary school's Facebook page to get weekly and daily updates of the great things that are happening at WES!

Student Drop Off and Pick Up Guidelines

Please read carefully!  Safety is our top priority!

  1. Please drop off car rider students along the curb at the rear entrance of the building.  Students may enter the building at door #10 from 7:40-8:00 am.  Please use the road that runs by the back ball fields, loop around the elementary parking lot and playground area, and drop students off along the curb at the elementary entrance door #10.  

  2. Please do not pull through the parking lot and send students across the traffic lane to enter the building!  (You may notice parents of preschool parents walking their students across the traffic lane and this is what they are supposed to do as they ‘hand deliver’ their child to the preschool staff each morning inside the doorway.)

  3. Please watch in all directions as you are pulling away from the curb!  We’ve seen many parents watching their child walk into the building as they are pulling away and forget to visually check the other way for any cars or people!

  4. Students may exit your vehicle along the curb anywhere between the two entrance doors.  We ask that you direct your child(ren) to exit your vehicle on the passenger side so they step out onto the sidewalk.  Students should avoid exiting your vehicle on the driver’s side and walking between cars.

  5. For student pickup, please have your student enter your vehicle on the passenger side as much as possible.  

  6. Please do not pull around the car in front of you until your vehicle has cleared the orange cones area and you have visually scanned the entire area to be sure no students or adults are walking through.  

  7. Also, for the safety of all students and staff, no adults are permitted to enter the building through door #10 (except for those who are bringing in their preschool students).  Impromptu meetings with teachers are not possible before school as teachers are busy welcoming their students and dealing with many other responsibilities at the beginning of the school day.  If you need to speak with someone, please come into the main office through the main doors (door #9) and leave a message with one of the office staff.  As always, you can get in touch with the school by phone or via email directly to your child’s teacher.

  8. Cars that are waiting for MS students should pull up as far as possible toward the stop sign and turn on their four-way flashers so cars behind can pull around.

Thank you for following these guidelines to help us ensure an orderly and safe drop off and pick up procedure each day! Please call the school office if you have any questions: ES: 330-947-2153  MS: 330-947-0033