Waterloo Superintendent

Waterloo Superintendent's Message

Hello to All in the Waterloo Community!

Welcome to Waterloo!

Welcome back! We are very happy to be in school again. We have missed our students! We are going to have a great 2020-2021 school year.

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I am entering my 6th year as superintendent at Waterloo. Many times, I get the question: What exactly does a superintendent do?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a school district is the school superintendent. The superintendent is essentially the face of the district. They are most responsible for the successes of a district and most assuredly responsible when there are failures. The role of a school superintendent is broad and sometimes the decisions made can also be especially difficult and taxing.

Much of what a superintendent does involves working directly with others. School superintendents must be effective leaders who work well with other people and understand the value of building relationships. A superintendent must be adept at establishing working relationships with many interest groups inside the school and within the community itself to maximize the school’s effectiveness. Building a strong rapport with the constituents in the district makes fulfilling the required roles of a school superintendent a little easier. Without question, I love this job for many reasons. Being a superintendent is very rewarding and I am lucky, and thankful, and humbled to be yours.

Enjoy the the school year! Go Vikings!

Shawn Braman